13-Item Custom Mojo Bag


I posted some candle reviews today but noticed none of them show up. Now question the other reviews are real? I really like this site and have purchased a lot of different items in the past but haven't seen a lot of success. I had received two different mojo bags in the past. One was for reconciliation and it did nothing. The other was a van van one and I do think I may have helped. I purchased this one for my job. I'm struggling to make sales and grow revenue. I was hoping this being the strongest bag that it would help me make more sales, get a raise, and help me make my quota but instead I'm losing sales, didn't get a raise, and am making less money. I'm struggling to even feel anything with this bag. I keep it attached to me, usually even sleep with it even past the first week. I feed him the oil at least once a week and talk to it daily but still nothing. I will update if anything changes and if this site actually lets me.

Comment from Dr. E Products: We post every review that is sent to us, after reassessing them for inappropriate language. We also consider the reason why someone would post seven negative reviews in one day. We are very sorry for the obstacles this client is going through at this time. Sending prayers to this client, for her life to get better. We would recommend three Uncrossing baths to help them. Mama E

Response from client: Thank you Mama E for your comment. I am truly starting to wonder if it's me and I am just having years of bad luck. Perhaps I'll try the uncrossing as suggested. I'd like to move to rating up to 4 stars for customer service alone. I also appreciate the fast shipping - I stopped ordering from xxxxxxxxxx because it always took way too long to receive anything. Hopefully this bad will eventually work but until then I'll remain hopeful.
Date Added: 04/01/2020