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Shipping and Order Processing FAQs

Q: How long will shipping take?
A: We ship using USPS Priority Mail. Typical shipping time is 2-3 business days. Shipping takes a bit longer when the destination is in Canada or Europe. We use Priority International Shipping for Canada and Europe-bound orders.

Q: Do you ship products outside of the United States?
A: We only ship products within the United States of America, Canada, and most of Europe (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom). We do not ship products to countries outside of those listed above. We've encountered too many issues with customs seizing packages because our products use real herbs and botanicals. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: Do you ship UPS, Fed Ex, or DHL?
A: No, we use US Postal Service's Priority Mail as our shipping method. They have greater access to delivery points and save on shipping costs; a savings which we pass on to you.

Q: Do you provide a tracking number?
A: Yes, you will receive an email with your tracking number directly from the USPS once your package ships.

Q: Can you please use discrete packaging?
A: Yes, every one of our boxes comes in either a plain brown box, or a standard USPS Priority Flat Rate Box. There is no indication it is from Dr. E. Products on the outside whatsoever.

Q: Can I pay extra for expedited shipping?
A: No, we do not provide expedited shipping.

Q: Where is my package? It hasn't arrived yet and your website says it is "Processing"?
A: We are a very small shop, and each of our products is hand-made and hand-packed. Because of the boutique nature of our business, orders can take longer to process than expected. Typically orders can take up to a week to process. If you are concerned that you've not yet received your package, please do not hesitate to contact us with your order number, and we will get right back to you. We recommend you check our Facebook Page first, to make sure we aren't experiencing any backorders due to supply problems or holidays.

Q: I'm in the area. Can I pick up my order in person?
A: No, we do not have a retail location, and we are not zoned for commercial operation beyond mail order.

Q: Do you accept money orders?
A: No, we do not.

Q: Can I pay with a personal check?
A: No. We only accept payments through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay. You can use your credit card and process it through our PayPal point of sale site.

Q: Can I get a refund, or make an exchange or return?
A: Because of the nature of our products, we do not accept returns, nor do we make exchanges. Additionally, your payment is non-refundable once your products have been made or shipped, or once you have received your purchased service.

Q: I need to change my order! What do I do?
A: Contact us for any order changes. If your order has not yet shipped, we may be able to swap out an item for you, provided it is the same price.

Products FAQs

General Products FAQs

Q: Can you tell me what's in this product? I have allergies.
A: We're sorry, but we do not divulge the ingredients in our products. If you have any concerns, do not use any product on your skin. Use them at your own risk. We only sell them as curios.

Q: Can I buy wholesale from you?
A: Dr. E. Products offers wholesale purchasing to properly licensed resellers in the United States of America. For more information, please contact us.

Q: Can you ship your products overseas?
A: Unfortunately we do not ship products outside of the USA, Canada, or Europe. We use real plants and oils in our products. Consequently, in many countries, customs will seize the package because they want to prevent any invasive species from taking root there. After trying many times, we've opted not to ship outside of the USA, Canada, or Europe any longer.

Mojo Bag FAQs

Q: How do I care for my mojo bag?
A: Please read the article on How to Care for Your Mojo Bag.

Q: Should I untie my mojo bag to put a strand of my hair inside?
A: No. Our mojo bags come closed, and already attached to you when they are prepared and prayed over. Please do not open the bag.

Q: Do you make mojo bags other than the ones listed on your site?
A: Yes, in fact we do! We offer a 13-Item Custom Mojo Bag for custom mojos with greater potency.

Q: Someone saw my mojo bag. What do I do?
A: It depends. In general, you don't want anyone to see your mojo bag. It should be kept secret and hidden away. If an innocent child saw it, just dab a bit more oil on it and pray over it to stay strong. If your enemy saw it, you should have it recharged. Please contact us if you need to have your mojo bag recharged.

Q: My mojo bag fell on the floor. What do I do? Is it ruined?
A: It depends whether anyone saw it. If no one saw it, just pick it up and take better care to make sure you don't drop it. If you are wearing it tucked inside your underwear, we highly recommend using a safety pin to keep it in place. If someone did see it, refer to the question above.

Q: My mojo bag got wet. Is it ruined?
A: Yes. You need to get a replacement. In general, a little bit of sweat is no problem, but if you washed it with your laundry, accidentally went swimming with it, or if it fell in water, it's ruined.

Q: Someone touched my mojo bag! What do I do?
A: If your mojo bag was touched by an innocent child, just put some more oil on it and pray over it to keep it strong and be careful next time. If anyone else touched it - then you need to recharge it. Contact us to have your mojo bag recharged.

Q: I don't think my mojo bag is working. Why?
A: If you aren't seeing results it could be because someone has touched your mojo bag, seen it, or you've not fed it regularly, or it's too old. Mojo bags are allies in magic, but they have to be maintained and cared for. Make sure you are giving your bag a little oil once a week - pick a fixed day and put a reminder in your calendar for it. Talk to your mojo bag and call it by name to help you with your desired magical goal. If your mojo bag is over a year old, it probably needs to be refreshed. (See below) The final reason it might not be working for you is because you are trying to make the impossible happen and God is stopping you for your own good.

Q: My mojo bag is over a year old. How do I refresh it? What does that entail?
A: Mojo bags should be refreshed once a year around the Autumn Equinox. Simply contact us and we will arrange for payment to have your mojo bag refreshed. You'll ship the mojo bag back to us, clearly indicating the name of the bag and its magical purpose. We will open your bag, remove the light leafy material, preserve any roots or large curios, and reconstruct the bag in a new pouch with the old curios and new light leafy material. We will pray over the mojo to bring it to life and reinforce its power, and then ship it back to you.

Q: Can I carry my mojo bag in a purse or leave it at home?
A: For the first week you should carry your mojo against your skin so that it can become accustomed to your energy. After that time period, you can carry it in a purse or pocket. You can leave your mojo bag at home in a drawer or box, but keep in mind that the point of carrying a mojo bag is to keep a magical influence around you. By leaving it at home, you're not carrying that magical influence with you day in and day out.

Q: I ran out of oil, and I want to keep feeding my mojo bag! What should I do?
A: Simply purchase another bottle of oil from the site.

Q: What do I do when I'm done with the mojo bag and want to be rid of its effects?
A: You can burn the bag whole, or you can toss it into a river that flows out of town. The bag will be destroyed and its effects will be stopped.

Magical Baths FAQs

Q: How do I use Herb Baths?
A: Read the article on How to Use Herb Baths.

Q: How many baths can I get out of one packet of herb bath?
A: One packet makes one bath.

Q: Do I have to perform magical baths in the morning? What if I can't be silent because of other family members in the house?
A: Magical baths are traditionally performed first thing in the morning before the sun rises. If you work graveyard shift, or can't get up until later in the day, just make sure to do it first thing when you awaken. Silence before the bath is done is traditional and always a good idea. You can often keep silence by pretending to be sleepy when you wake up and unresponsive to what people say. Wave them away with a hand - point at a coffee cup. They'll get the picture. Or you can always tell them the night before that you'll be performing a spiritual bath in the morning and need silence.

Q: Do I need to have a bathtub to perform magical baths?
A: No, you can do magical baths in a tub or a shower - or even outdoors. Traditionally they were done while standing in a big washtub. Magical baths are typically dumped over the body in hoodoo. They aren't luxuriating baths. You can use herb baths for luxuriating baths especially for love or money baths, but keep in mind what is traditional in this practice.

Q: I have a shower. How do I capture my used bathwater for the rite of disposal afterward?
A: Stand over a bowl or basin, so the water that comes off your body will be collected in that bowl. After the bath, you can then take that captured bathwater outside for disposal. You do not need to dispose of ALL the bathwater, just a bit.

Q: What size candles do I use on either side of the tub when I bathe?
A: Any size will work. We've used tealights with success.

Q: How long do I allow the herbs to stand in hot water before straining them out?
A: About 5 minutes will suffice. If you want to make a stronger bath, you can put the herbs in boiling water the night before and let them sit overnight, then strain them out the next morning for your bath.

Q: Can I use Herb Baths for Floor Washes?
A: Absolutely! In fact they were designed to be used either as herb baths or floor washes. Simply soak the herbs in boiling water just as you would for a bath, strain out the herbs and add the cup of herbal infusion to your bucket of mop water. Then mop the house with that water.

Q: How do you perform a Magical Floor Wash?
A: Once you've concocted your floor wash, mop the floor starting from the back of the house working your way toward the front door. Make sure to wipe down base boards with a rag moistened with the floor wash, as well as the windowsills and doors throughout the house. If you have carpet, you can put some of the floor wash in a spray bottle and use it to spritz the carpet (make sure you don't have any bleach or ammonia in the floor wash before you do this). Pray the entire time for God to cleanse your home and to remove negativity, and draw in the positive influences you desire. When you reach the front door, take the bucket and mop outside and mop from the sidewalk up to the front door. It's also a good idea to pay special attention to the doorstep to make sure it is thoroughly clean. If you don't have a paved path up to your front door then improvise. Sprinkle some of the floor wash up to the front door. Finish at the front door, cleaning both sides well and dress the front door with an appropriate hoodoo condition oil.

Q: Can Herb Baths be used as teas?
A: NO! In no way, whatsoever, should you ever consume any of our products. They are not intended for human consumption.

Condition Oil FAQs

Q: How do I use your condition oils?
A: Please read the article on How to Use Oils

Q: Do you use almond oil for your base?
A: Our hoodoo condition oils use fractionated coconut oil for their base. This is a superior quality product for several reasons. First, it is lighter, and doesn't get sticky like almond oil does. Second, it doesn't go rancid, so your condition oils will last longer than competitors' products. Third, it is virtually odorless, so it doesn't interfere with the scent of the essential oils in the recipe.

Q: Can I use your condition oils as a perfume?
A: Use the condition oils on your skin at your own risk. People have different levels of skin sensitivity and allergies. Always be careful and try a tiny test patch on your forearm before you go applying it all over your body. If you have any doubts, do not use the product in this way. Remember: cursing oils should NEVER be used as perfume. They contain irritants and pretty nasty stuff.

Q: Can I use your condition oils on candles?
A: Most definitely! In fact, this is their primary purpose. Just stroke a drop or two of oil onto the candle before use.

Q: Can I use your condition oils in magical lamps?
A: We don't recommend using condition oils in magical lamps, simply because they have different flash points, and could cause a serious flare up to happen.

Q: Can I put a drop of condition oil into someone's food to affect them?
A: No. Our condition oils are not intended for human consumption.

Q: Can I use your condition oils as a personal lubricant?
A: No. Our condition oils are not intended to be used internally, nor on the sensitive skin of the genitals.

Q: Do you make custom blended oils?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Do you sell larger bottles of condition oils for professional workers?
A: While we don't offer them on the site, we might be able to work something out for you. Please contact us with any inquiries.

Curio FAQs

Q: Do you sell larger lodestones?
A: We sell small, medium, and large lodestones. What we have on our site is all we have in stock.

Q: Do you sell larger specimens of High John the Conqueror Root?
A: We sell small, medium, and large High John the Conqueror Roots. What we have on our site is all we have in stock. We do not have access to larger specimens.

Q: What kinds of spells can I do with these curios?
A: Please check out The Conjure Blog for spell ideas. We do not give out free spell advice.

Q: Do you sell silver dimes?
A: Yes, we sell silver dimes, as well as leap year silver dimes. Both are available under the Hoodoo Curios section of our store.

Powder FAQs

Q: Do you use talcum powder or cornstarch for your powder base?
A: Our powders are made in a base of arrowroot powder. Talcum powder has been shown to be a mild carcinogen, so we opt to not use it in our products. Arrowroot powder also holds the natural oils and scents of the blended herbs better than talcum powder.

Q: How do you use Magical Sachet Powders?
A: Please read our article on How to Use Powders.

Q: Can I dust myself with these powders?
A: Our products are not intended to be used on the body. Always perform a patch test first. Never use cursing powders on your body.

Q: Do I need to wear gloves when I use Hot Foot Powder?
A: You don't need to use gloves when using Hot Foot Powder or other Crossing Powders unless you want to. Thoroughly wash your hands after using them, and we do recommend taking an Uncrossing Herb Bath after you're done using cursing products.

Q: Can I put powders in someone's food?
A: There are many substances in our powders that are not intended for human consumption. If you want to stay healthy, we do not recommend ingesting any of our powders.

Q: Can I dust candles with powders before burning them?
A: Absolutely! In fact, it is one of their primary uses. You an also lay out rings of powders around candles in shapes and symbols to add power to your spells.

Q: Can I use your powders like incense?
A: No, they are not intended for use as incense. They'll probably smell awful.

Magical Services and Readings FAQs

Rootwork Consultation FAQs

Q: How do I schedule a Rootwork Consultation?
A: Visit the Rootwork Consultation page to read the details about scheduling and paying for a Rootwork Consultation.

Q: When is your earliest available appointment?
A: Our readers are typically booked 2 or 3 weeks in advance, but to find out the earliest available appointment, visit the Rootwork Consultation Page and click the button at the bottom of the page labeled "Book This Reading." This will lead you to our online appointment scheduling service, Bookeo. There you will see all available time slots, and you can pick which one you would like to schedule and even pay for your reading automatically. There is no need to call anyone on the phone as the online scheduler handles everything for you.

Q: How much will rootwork for my case cost?
A: Many clients are curious to know how much the rootwork for a particular case will cost. Simply put, this is impossible to quote without a Rootwork Consultation. In the Rootwork Consultation, your reader will be able to find out all of the factors at play in your situation to find out if it can even be remedied with rootwork, and what type of spell will work for your situation. Not every spell will work for every situation. We take a customized approach to getting rootwork done so that you are more likely to see success. The divination in the consultation is key to determining what will work. If you want to book a Rootwork Consultation simply visit the Rootwork Consultation Page. We charge $100/hr of rootwork, plus the cost of supplies. Simple spells can cost about $100 while more complicated spells can cost $500 - $1000. It truly depends on how complicated the spell you need is, and how many spells will have to be cast to help you out.

Q: How fast will I see results for my rootwork?
A: We cannot guarantee any time frame for results, nor should any ethical rootworker guarantee any time frame for results. Why? Because many times, the speed with which you see results is completely dependent on the client's willingness and ability to follow the advice of the rootworker, as well as outside factors that can't be controlled: people's emotional states, emergencies, fate, etc. For typical spells (money, protection, cleansing, luck), once a spell has been cast most people see some sign that the spell is working within a week, movement toward their goal by three weeks, and full manifestation of what they desire by three months. Love and reconciliation spells are an exception. Because love and reconciliation spells depend on the emotional states of the people involved, their response time is usually longer. For love spells, expect about a month to see movement, and up to 4 months for manifestation. Reconciliation spells are so unpredictable that you can sometimes wait up to three months before you really start to see things turning around toward the better. The important thing to remember is that rootwork/hoodoo works best when you have faith and patience. The more patient you are, and the more faith you have, the faster things will move. Worrying and agonizing about whether your rootwork is working will only hinder and undo the spell work that was done for you.

Q: I have an emergency! Can you make an exception for me? Can you fit me in a different time slot because I can't wait three weeks for a consultation!
A: We cannot take emergency cases and we do not make changes to our schedule. Our staff has a full schedule as it is of readings and rootwork, as well as making products for If you are in need of emergency rootwork, we recommend you visit the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR), and see if you can find another rootworker with earlier availability for your needs.

Q: Is there any kind of Rootwork or spell that you will not perform?
A: We do not perform rootwork on legal cases / court cases. Additionally, we will not perform rootwork to break up a couple. We also strongly advise against trying to do rootwork to break up a marriage - no matter how bad you may think it is, because it is a divine oath taken before God.

Q: I need the STRONGEST spell you have for my situation! I have a special case, can you handle it?
A: Our staff members have seen just about every possible rootworking situation including demonic possessions, hauntings, generational curses, actively attacking magical workers, repeating curses, etc. We have been able to successfully help clients with almost all of these cases, and if we cannot, we will refer you to a colleague that can. The only instances where a client was not able to be remedied in some way with rootwork was when the client mistook a medical or psychiatric condition for a curse. In those instances, the client followed the advice we gave them to go to a medical doctor, and those individuals were assisted. Additionally, the concept of "the strongest spell" is a fallacy. There are not "weak" and "strong" spells. There are only spells that are appropriate for a situation versus not appropriate. Dr. E. Products does not recommend inappropriate spells for your situation and we do not recommend weak work. We use divination in the Rootwork Consultation to find out the best spell for your case.

Q: Can I pay for my consultation with cash? With a money order? With a check? With Western Union?
A: Dr. E. Products does not accept these payment methods. We only accept payment through PayPal as our certified payment gateway. This also gives an additional layer of consumer protection in that we do not store any of your credit card information at all. Your information is in PayPal’s hands and we never see it. We just receive payment from PayPal.

Setting of Lights FAQs

Q: I have questions about Setting of Lights...
A: Please visit the Hoodoo Setting of Lights FAQ page where our most commonly asked questions are answered for your convenience.

Tarot Readings FAQs

Q: How do I schedule a reading?
A: Visit the 30 Minute Tarot Reading page to purchase a consultation.

Q: Will you do a reading by email?
A: No. A person's voice and immediate participation in the reading is a requirement for the method our readers use in divination.

Q: Will you do an emergency reading?
A: No. We do not perform emergency readings or last minute appointments.

Q: Will you do a yes or no reading?
A: No. We've found that yes or no readings do not serve to give you any guidance of any substance, because they do not flesh out the circumstances or "why" around a given situation.

Q: What reading formats do you offer?
A: Currently, our readers offer Tarot reading. More divination styles and formats may be added. See our readings page for more information.

Q: How will my reading be conducted?
A: Once you purchase a Tarot Reading and your payment is completed, you'll see a page linking to our online booking site. You will be able to select your time and date for your reading on that site (Bookeo). Our readers are typically booked out about three weeks in advance. The day of your reading, our reader will call you and conduct the reading over the phone. Skype is also available as an option for long distance calls. The reading will run for the allotted period of time. Because of the volume of readings we do, it’s not always possible for our readers to recall all the details of an individual reading afterward, so it is important for you to take notes and ask any questions you have at that time.

Q: How quickly can I get my next reading? Should I schedule a follow up?
A: We do not recommend getting a reading any more than once a month on the same issue. Follow ups should only be scheduled if your reader recommends them. Readings are typically booked out three weeks in advance.

Q: Can I contact you after a reading with more questions and clarifications?
A: Your consultation is your time to use for such questions, not afterward. You are purchasing 30 minutes of consultation time with our staff. Beyond that time we are either processing orders or working with other clients.

Q: I am out of the country. Can I get a Tarot Reading?
A: Yes you can, but you'll have to call us at your appointed time. Skype is also available as an alternative to save you on the phone bill. If you are not sure about the time zone differences, please check beforehand. We are in the Pacific US time zone.

Q: I missed my appointment time. What happens now?
A: We will attempt to call you several times within 10 minutes of your scheduled time. If you miss your time slot, we will email you to reschedule for another time. You only get one opportunity to reschedule. If you miss the second rescheduled time slot, you will forfeit your payment, and your reading will be cancelled.

Spell Advice FAQs

Q: I want X, Y and/or Z ... what's a good spell for that?
A: We do not give out free spell advice. We offer examples of spells on The Conjure Blog for your education and inspiration. If you are interested in hiring us to work roots on your behalf, you can schedule a Rootwork Consultation with us.

Q: What products should I buy?
A: While we don't give out free spell advice, we can point you in the right direction for products. Before you contact us, we recommend you look up the magical category that best relates to what you want in the navigation on the upper-left hand corner of every page. Then read through all of the products. The product descriptions are thorough and will lead you in the right direction.

Q: Should I purchase a Tarot Reading or a Rootwork Consultation?
A: If you want us only to foretell your future - get a Tarot Reading. If you want us to do a reading with the possibility of casting spells on your behalf, then purchase a Rootwork Consultation. It includes a reading in the process.

Q: Is your rootwork guaranteed to work?
A: No, Dr. E. Products does not guarantee rootwork to be the complete remedy of your situation, nor would it be ethical to do so. Rootwork can help give you a spiritual advantage and works best in-concert with practical measures, but it cannot be the sole thing you depend on to improve your life's circumstances. Dr. E. Products adheres to the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworker's Code of Ethics which states clearly that it is unethical to guarantee spells will work.

Intranquility Spell FAQs

Q: I want my ex-boyfriend to call me and he won't. Will you do the Intranquility Spell for me?
A: Simply put, the Intranquility Spell is the wrong approach for your situation. So the answer is no.

Q: I broke up with my ex over a year ago, but I don't want to call him because I don't want to seem desperate. Should I use the Intranquility Spell on him to make him get in touch with me?
A: Simply put, the Intranquility Spell is the wrong approach for your situation. So the answer is no.

Q: I want my boyfriend to propose to me, but he keeps having cold feet. Should I use the Intranquility Spell on him to make him get in touch with me?
A: Simply put, the Intranquility Spell is the wrong approach for your situation. So the answer is no.

Q: I want to torture my ex-boyfriend. I want him to feel the pain I felt after he broke up with me. I want him to come begging to me to ask for forgiveness so that I can turn him down and make him feel as bad as I do. Should I use the Intranquility Spell on him?
A: If you want, yes, you can use this spell on him, but please keep in mind that he will likely become a creepy stalker, and you don't want that kind of a nightmare in your life. You're better off journaling about your feelings, using a Cut Away Spell Kit, and moving on with your life.

Q: I don't want to torture my ex-boyfriend, but I really want him back. Would the Intranquility Spell be a good solution? I really just don't feel comfortable doing it myself.
A: The Intranquility Spell is magical torture, period. If you want to find out how to get back an ex, the best route is reconciliation work. Please take a moment to read this article for reconciliation ideas, and to get a real understanding of the Intranquility Spell and why it doesn't work.

Q: How do I cast the Intranquil Spirit spell?
A: Sorry, we don't give out free spell advice.

Q: Would you do the Intranquility Spell for me, and how much does it cost?
A: We will not perform the Intranquility Spell without a Rootwork Consultation to determine if it is the best course of action. Cost is completely dependent on the additional surrounding work that needs to be done. This is not a "order off of the menu" kind of spell with a fixed cost.

Love and Reconciliation Spell FAQs

Q: Can you get my boyfriend/girlfriend back for me?
A: Reconciliation spells are HIGHLY dependent upon several factors including reason for break up, time apart, whether you are both still single, proximity, communication and the emotional state of each person involved. In order for us to cast a reconciliation spell for you, you must live near your ex, be separated for less than a year, have broken up under special circumstances, be in constant communication either in person or by phone (texts and email do not count), both still single, and no domestic violence involved in the past. Additionally, the reading conducted in the Rootwork Consultation must indicate a good result for reconciliation work before we will perform your spell, otherwise we will not engage in reconciliation work on your behalf.

Q: Can you make a specific person love me?
A: You can use coercive love spells to make that person more likely to love you, to become obsessed with you or attracted toward you, but ultimately only God can plant the seed of love between two people. We recommend you don't fixate on a specific person as the only solution to you being in love, but instead focus on the qualities you like in that person and find someone who has those, along with existing attraction toward you.

Q: Can you stop my husband from cheating on me?
A: There are spells to tie up a person's nature so that they cannot sexually perform with another person. We can do this for you in a Rootwork Consultation if it is deemed justified work through a reading. Keep in mind that your husband is cheating for a reason, and your best long-term results will come from getting to the root of that situation and addressing it with some action.

Q: How do I know which love products to purchase?
A: Dr. E. Products offers an extensive line of love products and it can be a bit confusing to figure out which one to buy. Here is an article Dr. E. wrote explaining the differences. Read it carefully and your choice should become clear.

Q: Will your love products work for gay people?
A: Yes, all our love products work for straight or gay people. There are only a few oils that are targeted at specific genders. For example, Follow me Boy! Oil and Follow me Girl! Oil are meant to be used on people of those genders (regardless of your sexual orientation). The same goes for Sugar Daddy Oil (which is formulated to attract a wealthy, generous man.)

Q: Will you perform rootwork for gay people?
A: Absolutely! Everyone deserves love.

Q: Will you cast spells to break up a couple?
A: No - usually. There are very few cases where we will perform break up work on behalf of a client. Usually these include physical abuse or endangerment of a child. We will not do work to break up a married couple under any circumstances.

Money and Job Spell FAQs

Q: I've been completely unable to get a job for the last year and I need a job desperately. What spell do you recommend?
A: We do not give out free spell advice, but recommend you look into a thorough routine of cleansing baths, followed by a Get a Job Mojo Bag.

Q: I want to have luck with gambling, what should I do?
A: We recommend the Triple Luck Mojo Bag.

Q: Do you give out lucky numbers?
A: No, Dr. E. Products does not provide lucky number services, but we do offer Lucky Dream Oil which you can use to dream of lucky numbers on your own.

Q: Do you work roots for clients to bring in money?
A: Yes, we do money rootwork for clients all the time. You can hire us through a Rootwork Consultation to help you bring money into your life.

Q: No matter how much money I make, I can't seem to get ahead. Help!
A: We recommend you look into Secure Finances products. Dr. E. wrote up a spell to help you avoid unexpected expenses and help you build up a savings. You can read the article here, and purchase the products on our site. A thorough round of cleansing baths are also a good way to get rid of obstacles that might be hampering your prosperity.

Protection Spell FAQs

Q: Can you cast spells to protect me from curses?
A: Yes. We excel at breaking curses and repelling them.

Q: Can you cast spells to remove evil spirits from my house?
A: Yes. We are exceptionally good at working with spirits and removing unwanted ones from your house. The best way is to have a cleansing done on your house as this will address the issue on a spiritual and physical level. If you do not live near us, we can do work on the spiritual level to help remove the spirit, but you will need to participate in the cleansing with our guidance.

Q: What is a good general protection spell?
A: Your best bet is a Protection Mojo Bag.

Hot Footing and Cursing Spell FAQs

Q: Can I hire you to curse someone for me?
A: Yes, but it depends. We will only perform curse or crossing work if it is justified in the eyes of God as determined through a reading. Cursing is not something to enter into lightly, and having your feelings hurt is not justification enough to curse another human being.

Q: How can I get rid of my annoying neighbors?
A: Buy some Hot Foot Powder and mix it half-and-half with local dirt. Sprinkle this across their doorstep as you call their name and command them to leave.

Q: Does anyone on your staff perform graveyard work? (curses with spirits of the dead, mirror box work, etc.)
A: Yes, we perform this kind of rootwork, but only under special circumstances. You can hire us for a Rootwork Consultation, and we will read on your situation and tell you the best course of action.

Q: I'm going to curse someone. Is there anything I should keep in mind?
A: Yes. First, make sure your work is justified by getting a reading. Next, make sure you have a method of spiritual purification and cleansing after you do your work. You don't want to keep that nasty energy and those wicked substances on your body. Several Uncrossing Baths ought to do the trick. Finally, keep in mind that cursing should be a last resort. Try reversing, cleansing, or protective work first before resorting to cursing.

Ethics FAQs

Q: Is rootwork evil or devil worship (or a sin)?
A: That is your personal ethical quandary to work out.

Q: Is hoodoo the same as voodoo?
A: No, hoodoo is not voodoo. Voodoo (more properly written Vodou) is the Afro-Caribbean magical and spiritual tradition of Haiti. It involves serving African and indigenous spirits within a Catholic framework. Hoodoo is southern folk magic (from the southern United States) plain and simple. Most rootworkers are Protestant Christians, pray to God and Jesus Christ in their rootwork, pray the Psalms, and work with herbs and minerals along with the assistance and authority of God to make things happen in this world. While you do not have to be a Christian to work hoodoo, know that traditionally hoodoo has a big cornerstone in Protestant Christianity in its prayers, magical work, and conjuration.

Q: How can you cast spells against someone's free will? What about the three-fold law?!
A: The three-fold law is a neo-Wiccan concept and has nothing to do with hoodoo or rootwork. If you elect to not work spells for your own ethical reasons that is fine, but we do not believe in the three-fold law, nor in any such spiritual law that limits our magical ability.

Q: What responsibility do I take on when you do rootwork on my behalf?
A: The moment you pay us, you assume total ethical responsibilities for any rootwork being done and any repercussions are on your shoulders. Nevertheless, we take our work seriously, as well as your responsibility, and will only recommend work that is justified to protect you and keep you safe from negative consequences.

Q: Do I have to believe in magic for it to work?
A: No, you don't have to believe in magic for it to work, but it certainly helps. It's like a sports match; the side with the most support tends to succeed. Doubting the work only fights against the magic you are trying to accomplish. Fully commit yourself to the work at hand and curb your doubts, and you'll see how much more effectively your magic will manifest.

Q: How do you work with spirits? I don't want to enslave a spirit to work for my case!
A: Our staff works cooperatively with the spirits. Once we get their approval, we will make a contract with them before engaging in any work. This is confirmed through yes/no divination to be absolutely sure before proceeding. A contract is sealed with a mutually-agreed upon payment between your rootworker and the spirit before the work is done. The spirit is like a private contractor, agreeing to help you for that set payment. There is no enslavement involved.

Other FAQs

Q: How far out are you booked?
A: Our staff is typically booked up three weeks in advance.

Q: When will you cast my spells / do my rootwork?
A: Your rootwork will be done at the appropriate magical timing after your consultation. Typically spells are cast within 7 days of payment being received.

Q: How long will you work on my case?
A: Our rootworkers consult on a specific issue at a time, and agree to perform spell work on your case on a project by project basis. Hiring us for rootwork does not keep us on retainer for future work, nor does it employ us in perpetuity on that one issue. It merely hires us to do spell work on a one-off case. You can send up to three follow-up emails and we will return your communications each time. After those three emails we cannot guarantee the time to respond to your communications.

About Dr. E. and Dr. E. Products FAQs

Training and Certification FAQs

Q: Who are your readers and rootworkers? Who trained them and wher are they certified?
A: Please see our readings and rootwork pages for more information on individual staff members, their backgrounds, and training. All Dr. E. Products staff was trained by and/or personally approved by Dr. E. before his death in January 2014.

Hours of Operation FAQs

Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: We offer readings and rootwork consultations from 2-8pm on Mondays, and noon-6pm on Tuesdays (all times are Pacific Time Zone). We do not have a retail store. We perform most client work evenings and weekends.

Q: I tried calling your number but got no response.
A: Our phone number is an outgoing line used only for client consultations and readings. If you need to contact us, please use our online form.

Availability FAQs

Q: Are you available for in-person readings?
A: We no longer offer readings in-person for privacy's sake.

Q: Can I drop by to pick up my order?
A: We do not have a retail storefront for you to visit. All orders must be shipped out.

Q: Are you available for lectures or interviews?
A: Yes, we are usually available for live lectures or interviews. Please contact us to inquire about availability..

Q: Do you ever give workshops in person?
A: Yes, we give workshops in person from time to time. If you'd like to request an in-person workshop, please contact us for details. (A minimum attendance of 20 people is required, as well as arrangements for travel and lodging.)