13-Item Custom Mojo Bag


hello all, i ordered this 13-item mojo hand for Uncrossing and here is my experience with it. I seemed to feel it working within my soul chakra immediately when i recieved it. What i didn't tell Dr. E was that i was going through a nasty addiction towards smoking that i was trying to break for 2 weeks straight. As soon as i got the bag i noticed that within 3 days pass that my cravings were totally gone. Pretty cool right! Lastly i must say that i was not a believer when he told me to not let anybody touch my mojo bag. So i showed it to my mother to check it out. LOL,poor dumb me, I was not able to feel the energy of the bag within my heart chakra anymore. So there u go, so I will send this puppy off for Dr. E to recharge it :)
Date Added: 04/17/2011