Break Up Candle - Setting of Lights


I have been battling a situation and although I'm not sure of the outcome I'm just keeping the faith. I must say that I really appreciate Mama E and the team for the setting of lights. I recently received my report with the details below; I am very grateful for so much detail.

Candle: Break Up
Burn time: Five days
Signs: Your candle burned brightly for five days. Nearly all of the wax was consumed in the burn except for a thin ring of wax in the bottom of the jar. The glass was left smoky in the top half of the jar, then clearing the rest of the way down. There were several broken bands of wax indicating major obstacles were cleared in the burn. The herbs gathered in the bottom of the jar to form the image of a man who was running over a woman with a large cart. Your fiance is sick of the other woman. This is a positive sign that the candle is working against your targets. Taking into account your petition and the condition of the glass, this was a successful burn
Date Added: 07/02/2019