Break Up Candle - Setting of Lights


So I first burned this candle on April 26 and got a negative burn report. It said major obstacles were removed so I didn't give up and just decided to keep the situation under magical pressure. More work needed to be done. So I ordered the Crossing candle on the other woman, it was a successful burn. A Cut-Away candle and wrote in the petition for my target to cut all emotional / romantic ties from the woman. It was a successful burn .Then a Black Arts candle on their relationship , successful burn. Then I returned to the Break Up candle once again and finally the burn was successful ! It was burned on May 6th and today May 18th after some Instagram snooping (lol) I saw that not only are my ex lover and the other woman having issues it seems as if they've broken up. I say all this to say sometimes it takes getting to the core of things before just jumping to what you want your end result to be (ex. Making him lose feelings for her with Cut away, jinxing her , their relationship etc then finally the break up candle) DONT GIVE UP! If it?s something you truly want take the necessary steps. I also keep seeing 1:11 literally everyday a sign what I want is manifesting (Google it). Now I can continue on my goal and start love work and reconciliation candles. Keep the faith, honesty evaluate your situation and take proper steps before just buying 1 candle and thinking that's a "solve all" sometimes it may be but in other cases sometimes more is needed and that's ok! Thank you so much Mama E.
Date Added: 05/18/2020