Blessing Oil


Firstly I would like to say "Thank you Dr E & staff" for making this oil available to the public, I am really grateful. I suffer from ulcer and bloated tummy from time to time and this time around when all of the planetary alignments, it made harder for me to get well from it. So when I got this oil I anointed my belly and prayed to be healed. Next morning I awoke, the pain was gone and so with the bloating. It felt like it was just a bad dream! lol. I really love this oil! I also did a healing with my sister on a distance. I lighted a a white candle for her and anointed it with this Blessing oil. The next day. she called me and thank me! This is the oil that I can not be without. Thank you Dr E & staff - Blessing to all :-)
Date Added: 04/13/2015