Green / Black Double Action Hoodoo Rootwork Jumbo Candle


I gave This candle a 3 star rating due to feeling indecisive about the candle. It is a jumbo sized candle, i would Say as long as a ruler. Half of it is green and the other side is black. I noticed When i carved Into the black side of the candle, it was t a true BLACK candle wax, it was a dark green wax that seemed to be coated in a black film. Overall it burned a few hours (Ex. 9:30pm Tuesday to 5 pm Wednesday). I did the money uncrossing spell so this is probably why it burned slow but it was a pretty big candle. The wax is also easy to carve into, i think I was just more surprised that the black side of the candle wasn?t actually black wax, overall a good jumbo candle nonetheless.
Date Added: 01/22/2018 by V. P.