Cursing Hoodoo Spray Mist


The landlord has been kindly asking my neighbor to leave. There's 5 five people in a two bedroom apartment, they think they own the hallway, they park in other people's assigned parking, they have roaches, their apartment is a pig pen, the husband is a male chauvinist with a roaming eye and the wife is a envious Chewbacca spying thru the peep hole on me telling the neighbors what I have in my apartment. I spray this spray on their door knob and floor mat now they just cannot stay in their apartment too long. If they are in their apartment I hear arguments and now they're getting noise complaints. The neighbors are also complaining about them borrowing toilet paper and toothpaste. If your neighbors can't afford to move this will definately keep them away and be quiet when they are at home. Thanks Mama E & staff!
Date Added: 03/23/2022