Lucky 777 Mojo Bag


I am torn about what star rating I should give this item but I wanted to give my take on it. I received it two days ago and went to the casino today. I was not looking to become a millionaire, but I was hoping to leave with a little extra money. the trip was a disaster.

However, there are two things that I feel affected the outcome. I should have waited at least a week for "bonding" time with the bag. I will continue to work with it because of this.

The second reason is because my energy was off. I haven't been sleeping a lot due to work and was also dealing with some unaddressed issues at home. I arrived at the casino with this bad energy and was better off staying at home. The issues at home got a lot worse today and the extra stress would have been avoided had I returned from the casino at least an hour earlier before I did. I'll just leave it at that.

I love DR E's products and they have always worked for me.

I decided to write this review to let others know to make sure that you've spend significant time with your mojo before expecting to to work for you. Also, make sure that your energy is positive when you want it to work for you.

I will give you an updated review once I go back to the casino for a fun time, which probably won't be until things settle down on the home front.
Date Added: 07/08/2016