Fast Luck Oil


I brought this oil and I have not really use it until few days ago. I always have bad luck with dating and guys. whenever I goes on date, I always just not hit it off with the men very well or never really going where and I don't know why lol. so I decided to used this oil before I went on a date with this guy I met off a dating website. I mean I was not expecting like any changes like last few dates I been to. I was wrong and things turns out to be different. This guy is so passionate with me, He is already talking about having kids, meeting his dad within like 3 hours of meeting him. He also could not keep his hands off me and so fascinating with me. I went to his house and cuddle with him but I never had sex with him. I went home after but now he is very clingy to me and asking for sec date and when he is going to see me. Haha I mean this oil really works so use it wisely and who you are testing on because they will clingy to you!!! thank you Dr. E
Date Added: 05/23/2016