Rootwork Consultation

I consulted with Dr.E regarding an attack on not only my personal life, but on a business I had started in good faith to help others. He was not only able to read accurately into the facts of the situation, but the personality of my attacker. He pegged her to a "T".

He recommended a reversing spell, and was able to use a picture my stalker/attacke-r had sent me. This person claimed to be Wiccan, but was a poor representation of this religion, and I promise you, she had NO idea of what was about to hit her.

Because my attacker likes to make pictures of herself, Dr. E said one specific thing in our consultation. "She may be able to continue making pictures, but she won't be able to stand looking at herself, she'll only see what she really is."

THREE days after he performed the spell, she was found in tears in the bathroom, saying she can't stand to even look at herself. She is now in counseling for her many problems, and hopefully, she will find peace in her life and be too busy LIVING to be bothered with others.

Than-ks, Dr. E!
Date Added: 08/01/2009