Talk to Me Candle - Setting of Lights


My candle report made my day, when I needed the reassurance the most. Not only did my report say I will have contact but some loving too! Woo-hoo, bring it on! I can't wait for this to manifest. Thank you Conjure Doctor team for everything!

Signs: Your candle burned with a strong flame for four days. Almost all of the wax was consumed in the burn except for a thin half-ring of wax in the bottom of the jar. The glass was left slightly smoky in the top half of the jar then clearing the rest of the way down. The herbs gathered in the bottom of the jar to form the image of a couple who were riding a horse together. The horse not only represents the forward movement of your desires but in this case, it also symbolizes sexual activity. This is a positive sign that the candle is working on your target. Taking into account your petition and the condition of the glass, this was a successful burn.
Date Added: 12/06/2019