Talk to Me Candle - Setting of Lights


I am issuing 3 stars, not because I am not a believer in the process, but my reviews were seriously questionable. I had this candle burned twice. After the first one, the target contacted me through text for one straight day. We hadn’t had much communication prior to that. BUT the candle came back as a negative burn with an image of a broken cell phone... not sure about some of these herbal readings because I’ve seen herbs at the bottom of the candle through other services and they sure don’t have a lot of room to form some of these images. Actually MOST of my candles have came back as negative burns. I read “candle is heavily foggy” a lot, to my knowledge this doesn’t necessarily imply NEGATIVE burns like black soot can. It sometimes implies that there is spiritual help on your side. What I am getting at here, is I believe their process works... I feel positive energy and have focused positive energies into my outcomes. Don’t count on a reading to control your feelings on the matter. Sure, I know there’s work to be done and my situation will not get better over night, but there’s power in positivity and BELIEF. I feel the movement. Call me crazy or take my advice... either way this is how I feel on the matter.
Date Added: 07/28/2020