Come to Me Candle - Setting of Lights


I give this a 5 star. I did this in 2016 and was so in love with a guy and all I wanted was for him to SEE me. I had a positive burn report that stated the following: Candle: Come To Me
Burn time: Five days
Signs: The candle burned with a bright flame for five days. All of the wax was consumed in the burn. The glass was left lightly smoked, and clearing towards the bottom, where there was a long hook-shaped crack in the sides of the glass. All of the herbs were gathered at the bottom in the shape of a standing figure with arms outstretched towards the center of the image. Signs suggest affection, possible yearning. The influence of this successful candle burn help to overcome strong convictions held by your target, encouraging him to approach you. His heart may be softened to romance, with you as the object of his affection.

Fast forward to 2022- the guy I was so in love with is still my life and a friend. Every time I think he could be the one, he shows me that he is not and gets on my nerves. Happy to say I got what I wanted, but now that I am older I no longer want the same things.
Date Added: 08/18/2022