Come to Me Candle - Setting of Lights


I usually have good results with Conjure Doctor Products, but the reading I had from this candle turned out to be completely wrong. My boyfriend had to move for work but he was planning to come back to visit over the summer, especially to see an art show I had up for a couple of months. Instead, all kinds of obstacles got in the way and he wasn't able to come. The candle indicated otherwise with the reading as follows:

Signs: The candle burned with a bright flame for five days. The glass is mostly clear. There are some herbs near the top of the glass, indicating minor issues. The rest of the wax was consumed in the burn. The herbs at the bottom of the glass depict a person playing upright bass. It is the largest and lowest-pitched stringed instrument. Part of the rhythm section of the band, they hold down the low end and drive of the song. A good player helps keep the time for the band. This can be analogous to keeping the date as planned. Considering your petition and the condition of the glass, this was a successful burn.

Usually, I get good and prompt results from light settings here and the readings are very accurate, so I'm not sure what happened with this one. He not only didn't make the art show, but it doesn't look like he'll be able to visit again this summer (he'd come once before I set the light, but he got sick and had to cut his visit short.) So it was pretty disappointing that the light not only didn't work but the reading was incorrect.
Date Added: 08/15/2021