Yemayá Candle - Setting of Lights


Absolutely love Dr. E. setting of lights. I feel a great connection to Yemaya and Dr. E is a real deal, it's worth every penny i paid for their services. They are very professional and they know how to work with Deities and how to please them and you at the same time.
If you need an urgent helping hand i suggest you to pay only 5 usd more and get your setting of lights sooner.
Dr. E. is a certified rootworker and he is into Santeria (i have read several articles by him and for sure he respects and honour Yoruba religion and he is a real Santero, this is is super important to me).
As a psychic myself i can feel the energies and he and his team have a wonderful, positive and powerful energies.
Their prices are more than fair and their interpretation of the wax and how the candles were burnt are more than great.
I?m super glad to decide to work with them. Very pleased with the webpage and all their products.
I ordered two more setting of lights and they have worked very well, i have seen real changes and i know they are going to be permanent because i can feel it.
In fact i also have sensed the energy working on myself regarding relationships and i am much more opened and sweeter.
If you are reading this, it is for a reason, take my advice and give them a try.
I highly recommend them: super good prices, they keep the contact with you if you have any doubt, they are very sincere and honest, their products have very positive energy, they are qualified for the work they are doing, their reviews are real.
I will suggest them to my clients and of course i will keep working with them, they have been a very good finding! Muchas bendiciones desde España.
Date Added: 10/06/2015