Uncrossing Candle - Setting of Lights


Got this burnt back in July, actually forgot all about it until I actually went to my account and looked at recent orders.

Anyway....back in July I got this burnt for my exes....he was full of negative energy and surrounded by negative energy. That was causing him to be kind of distant from me, stressed and depressed, always moping around, and down and out. He was also so against us getting back together. But now as of today he's more up beat, and more like hisself again, expressing his love for me more with "I Love You". He even lighten up to me. He hasn't stated we're back together yet but I'm sure thats nothing a few more Candle light settings by your team can't handle. :)

Thanks for a successful burn! Candle report was very accurate.
Date Added: 10/03/2015