True Love Candle - Setting of Lights


My petition was not granted but I am grateful because at least i tried. I think i am not ready for true love and that is why. I?m leaving my report below with my comments:
Five days (average, that?s not bad)
Signs: Your candle burned with a strong flame for five days. Nearly all of the wax was consumed in the burn except for a faint ring of wax in the bottom of the jar. The glass was left slightly sooty, turning slightly clearer at the end of the burn (clearing negativity or bad thoughts I think). The herbs gathered in the bottom of the jar to form the image of a wilted and lifeless bouquet of flowers (my ex tried to came back to me at this time and it was like: NO THANK YOU, I also always have flowers at home and yes, they quickly wilt, I won?t buy flowers from that place anymore). This is not a positive sign that the candle is working on your behalf. Taking into account your petition and the condition of the glass, this was an unsuccessful burn.
I only ordered this candle once, I think i need to work more on myself before petition again for true love. That?s all, but if you feel you are ready, I encourage you to give it a try.
PS My ex was my true love once but i didn?t feel the same, maybe for him we could have a new start but not for my point of view.
Date Added: 11/01/2019