Saint Expedite Candle - Setting of Lights


I had this candle lit sometime ago asking "Saint Expedite" to get me a job fast. Not
just any job but one that was close to home and paid me top dollar (with chance to grow).
Well after about 2 years without a decent job I went on an interview and the
manager hired me on the spot. The hours are great and I only have to work
3-4 days a week I can also work 5 days when needed to. I love the fact
that I have my own office (size of a master bedroom) so I can pray and stretch when needed without
prying eyes or whispers. It is only 8 mins from my home driving and/or 17 mins
if I take the public transportation. Almost forgot to mention, I had a "Good Job"
and a "Open Road " lit with this one. Saint Expedite thank you so much for all
your help. I will honor and continue to thank you.
Date Added: 11/19/2015