Road Opener (Abre Camino) Candle - Setting of Lights


Ordered this candle on September 19th to open opportunities in my love life, career and friendships. Career wise I really wanted better opportunities at work and raises. I also wanted my metrics to meet or go above what's needed. Well I found out I'm doing REALLY well. I get accolades that I wasn't before and I am chosen to go on a trip to San Francisco all expenses paid for 3 days. My manager is giving me praises and high marks. I enjoy my job better than before they made changes to positions. Thank you!!! I know things are just starting and I'm on my way!! I'm also going to a place called Fisherman's Wharf where they sit on the pier and fish.

Here's my report:
Candle: Road Opener
Burn time: Five days
Signs: Your candle burned with a strong flame for five days. Nearly all of the wax was consumed in the burn except for a thin ring of wax in the bottom of the jar. The glass was left clear down one side of the jar and cloudy on the other side. The herbs gathered in the bottom of the jar to form the image of a person who was fishing off of a pier. Fishing is a sign of abundance and good luck. This is a positive sign that the candle is working on your behalf. Taking into account your petition and the condition of the glass, this was a successful burn.
Date Added: 10/23/2019