Road Opener (Abre Camino) Candle - Setting of Lights


It has been a month since my candle finished burning and I wanted to give a review. I met someone who works in my neighborhood in December. I instantly felt connected to him and figured we'd continue to see each other around the neighborhood and get to know one another. Wrong. I didn't see him for two months until I ordered this candle. Thanks to the detailed transaction history, I know that I saw him seven days after the candle finished burning. I saw him five times in the same day. I have continued seeing him a lot, often multiple times per day, and I believe he has seen me twice when he was working and with colleagues. My petition asked that whatever blockages were preventing me from seeing him would be removed so that the roads could open and allow for us to see each other. It happened!

I have now ordered a second candle, as well as a different candle to approach this situation differently, so that we can finally bump into each other and talk! I will leave reviews on them when the time comes. Thank you to everyone at for working on my behalf! I completely believe in your products. I will say that I have continued dating other people during this time and I think that completely helps when doing work on a specific love interest. My candle report also stated that I needed to make sure not to miss others in my path.
Date Added: 03/15/2016