Reversing Candle - Setting of Lights


I've had several of these candles liton my behalf and they worked perfectly! :) I honestly felt relieved and at peace avter they were done burning! :)

I've also had several of these lit against my enemies, too. One time I had one lit against two people that were scamming people and pretending to be things that they were not and right after it was done burning, one of their biggest supporters left their group and started calling them out on their BS and those enemies' on mine group started falling apart very rapidly. Then another one of their biggest supporters left, too. Those people had no idea what was happening to them!!! :D They think that they are so powerful, but clearly they were not!!! There was even no resistance reported in the candle burn report, either!!! I also had several more lit against them and they continued to go down the drain and their reputation is completely ruined now!!! :D Now the two people at the top of that organization no longer with eachother and the two of them continue to go further down the drain!!! :D

I also had several of these candles lit against people at work that had unjustly wronged me and let me tell you what, those candles worked perfectly and just as I had wanted them to!!! :D Those people got sick and were clearly miserable!!! :D You could practically see it painted on them!!! :D It was so great!!! :D And those people thought that being nice to me as if thoguh nothing happened would end their suffering, HA!!! It sure didn't!!! :)
Date Added: 12/11/2013