Reconciliation Candle - Setting of Lights


My burn report read :

Candle: Reconciliation
Burn time: Five days
Signs: The candle burned with a bright flame for five days. Almost all of the wax was consumed, leaving a wax ring at the bottom. The glass was left sooty with a black streak running up the front of the glass, and the label being burned by heat. The herbs were gathered at the bottom in the shape of a skull in a box. This is a sign of unpleasant news and quarrels. This is not a favorable sign for Reconciliation. You and Lawrence may not fall back into the way you used to be. Past mistakes may not be forgotten, and Lawrence may not leave Beyunka at this time.

I give this four stars because what the report read was completely accurate. During the time this candle was lit, him and I did argue a lot. But he did always come back to me every time.
I feel I needed to see this because maybe it's a sign showing me that he isn't the one for me.
Date Added: 06/15/2016