Reconciliation Candle - Setting of Lights


Hi everyone! Just letting a review and a reality check for people who complains.
First of all complaining doesn't give us any favor as humans. Our part here is elevate one another. Let the politics do that part of complaining and do nothing. Let's take our power back!!!.
If you have a stubborn case can mean several things: it is not meant to be, you really need to work on yourself, cleaning and healing first. So don't get upset with the Dr. E team. Then you go outside and buy "spell work" for $500 to $1000 and make your situation worst. Read the report carefully and listen to your inner voice.

There are group rituals that cost around $111 up to $500 out there and they don't even give you a full report of your candle (sometimes yes) but to be honest I am not sensing they are better than this setting of candles. Try to leave at that website a negative review and I assure you, you will be cancelled and not given
given a second opportunity for other community ritual. Magick can help and Spirits too, but we need to make our work in the 3D.

Regarding this candle, it was accurate, they saw a crow, I know who sends me crows in my spiritual team. I had a dream with my ex that really made me see i don't want to come back together, he is playing the fool around. And if fact when they lit the candle i notice my heart healing and move on.
Their candles do the work. Do you do YOUR work?
Date Added: 07/13/2022