Reconciliation Candle - Setting of Lights


My petition was heard which is super important to me i am very grateful.
My target doesn't want to talk or reconcile which i am going to respect. If something is not for you it isn't.
Regarding report I had an astral which let me know what kind of energy was between the target and me and I didn't like at all (report talk about raven, raven to me are several messenger from Odin to Santa muerte) preventing that i will received by news. Yes, i did receiving bad news is the astral plane. He is wasting his life but i can not do more, everyone choose their path and learn their own way. Acceptance and not judgment is key.
Thank you again Mama E, Doctor E, and all the team, real professional with high integrity, they have helped me for years. They have a loyal customer here. They are one of a kind. Just listen to Spirit and read their reports carefully, they know what they are doing and Spirits too. Thank you
Date Added: 06/10/2022