Oshun Candle - Setting of Lights


Maferefun Oshun, i don?t know why you like me but i wanted to publicly thank you. You are one of most beloved Orishas and you know why. You are very GENEROUS, all patakies explain this, and it can?t be truer. You know i am always taking care of you as much as i can. YOU DESERVE THIS AND MORE. You can?t imagine how glad i am to have you by my side. THANK YOU for taking care of humanity Oshun, thank you for especially guiding women to love themselves. Thank you Mama E, thank you Doctor E for creating this company, i know you guide the beautiful team from the other side. I LOVE THIS COMPANY for their integrity, their passion, their honesty. I KNOW THEY CARE ABOUT US. They deserve MORE PUBLIC RECOGNITION. Mucho Ashe a todos. Os llevo en el corazón.
Date Added: 12/05/2019