Oshun Candle - Setting of Lights


Ochun your are my Orisha and goddess before honoring you, you were always
guiding me and helping me (un-beknown to me). Now that I have reconized
you I will honor you always. Ochun you have made my life sweet and have
made me comfortable, you have also made me look years younger than
I use to. Yes, folks Ochun has that fountain of youth effect on us females.
I also noticed that when I am out with friends I am the one that gets
all the attention without doing a thing. Plus I am dancing more and
more and going into trances once I start dancing. Men are real sweet
to me. There was a time I couldn't get a phone call or a dinner date. Now,
I am being invited to the most elaborate parties and venues with all
expense paid. Thanks again OCHUN.

Date Added: 01/21/2018