Ochosi Candle - Setting of Lights


Had this candle lit for tenants that are noisey and abusive. They owes us almost 1 years rent and due to the "tenant sympathy law" of my city it has made evicting a stress and also due to epidemic the courts has been closed.

Anyway, they are always blasting their music and slamming doors. They also have a tendency to deliberately park with part of the car blocking our driveway. They do this intentionally to get into an argument so they can state "landlord abuse" when the courts proceed. I tried everything to get rid of them so far but has seen little to no results. I them after reading the reviews on OCHOSI decided to try this candle and let me tell you so far I have seen results. Over the weekend someone ran into their car while park and no one has footage of it. The cops came and basically said there is nothing they can do without proof of it being hit by another car or by someone. Well ever since this incident has happened they have been quiet, parking properly and not blocking the driveway and most of all out of everyone's way.....so far.

OCHOSI I thank you for shooting your arrow in their direction and I plan to spread the word of your justice to those who are worthy. Thanks again OCHOSI.

From Dr E Products: Remember to give Ochosi his customary offering. You may check our Santeria Church of the Orishas website for information on all the Orishas.
Date Added: 06/23/2020