Money Draw Candle - Setting of Lights


Wow, I think the report was spot on! In my petition, I asked for money to come from someone in particular that wealthy and generous, but I ask that it come without strings attached. The imagery was a tall person with arms wide open and the short person with their hand up, as if to say STOP. Well, it matches the situation perfectly. (I don't want strings attached and my gut says he wants more, which won't happen). The report spells that out with imagery! Awesome work from this team! :) BUT, It was a negative burn because of all the herbs on top, too, which bums me out because most of my candles so far aren't working apparently (despite the reports being accurate). The uncrossing bath and the success candle I felt a good shift. I've bought more candles in faith. I pray for success soon! I don't have the privacy at home to do much here.
Date Added: 11/21/2017