Money Draw Candle - Setting of Lights


This candle is one of my favorite products. Every time I order this Money Drawing candle from Dr. E Products, I get money. This candle was lit on December 1, 2016. On December 2, 2016, I got a phone call from someone telling me to come to their house. When I did, the person handed me $150. Later that evening, my son's dad called and asked if he could drop off some money. He gave me $150. The next day, someone who owed me $50 brought it over to my house. On December 5, 2016, I received a $600 child support check from my other son's dad. All of this happened during the candle burn. Needless to say, the candle burn report said it was a successful burn and I agree!!
Date Added: 12/12/2016