Lucky 777 Candle - Setting of Lights


This candle is great. I am currently not working and may not be working until another
month or so and things are tight with us. I decided to get this candle since I play
numbers any. I wanted to try to this to pull in winnings so I can help out my
household. Well I woke up today and found myself broke,broke,broke...had
a few bucks and said let me try a number or two while running an errand or to.
I won a few bucks to buy groceries and pay my mobile bill. I know it's not
much or anything to brag about but I am very grateful. I know that this candle helped because I
do not normally win the amount I did and I felt compelled to play at
the time and hour that I did as though I was being guided. I encourage anyone that
gamble to try this setting of lights to give them a "lucky gambling" boost.
Thanks again Mama E. and folks I really appreciate all that your doing
and done. Also, giving thanks to the most high, angels and ancestors.
Date Added: 08/16/2016