Love Uncrossing Candle - Setting of Lights


I decided to continue with this setting of lights because I see the effect it had on my persons, spiritual being and overall feeling of love. I wrote a review already on April 19 but wanted to write another one to update ya'll and to encourage whom ever has stagnation in the love department to try this setting of lights. And when I say love I'm just talking about relationship with that significant other I mean with yourself, family, friends, strangers and other folks you encounter but is not received well by.

At this point I feed good about myself and is ready for love. I see things in a different light now and let go of past hate that I had for folks that wronged me. I am taking care of my body by eating right and hitting the gym and so far I am down 7 pounds solid and skin is glowing. People that told me that I am intimidating or no approachable are now talking up to me. My family and I have a better relationship. I even ordered one of these for my mother and now she has a better attitude; not negative like before. I'm invited to so many venues locally and out of town....even one out of the country. I no longer crave alcohol when I go out and when I do go out I'm no longer one of the last persons closing the bar, club or venue. I just go out and go home if I do not meet anyone I am contented. The guy I have my eyes on has his eyes on me and the funny thing is that we move in the same circle but I never saw how beautiful he is. The dark cloud that was hindering me from loving all and myself has been moved and I feel better about myself. As I write this it is Saturday night and all I want to do is design, invent and give thanks. Yes, I use to design and etc but something blocked my passion but I/m now free from that and all that I aspire to be I'm working hard at. I want to thank Mama E and the Conjure Doctor folks for all their help. I say this again...If you been hurt, have low self esteem, family issues, hatred, a stagnant love life or no love life (for too long) then PLEASEEEEEE try this setting of lights. I suggest you do 3-4 being that most of use have blockages other issues pertaining to love, family. self & etc.
Date Added: 05/14/2016