Love Uncrossing Candle - Setting of Lights


I always felt as though there was a block in my love life. I would meet someone and they would really like me and vice versa but they would forget about me or they would immediately loose interest. Also folks would not want to be around me at times as if I had a cloud around me. Don't get me wrong I'm a outgoing person that is pleasant and fun loving but I noticed the only way a relationship would work for me is long distance via phone; or something of that matter. A friend of mine that is intuitive told me I have a block in my love life and until it is fixed I will not be able to hold onto or get a good partner. When she told me this I kinda dismissed this theory. So the other day I was at a party where we was offered free readings courtesy of the host so I decided to go and get read the was told the same thing. I need a clean up in the love department. This is when I decided to try the "Loves Uncrossing" within 2 days of this being lit up I feel more love withing myself as if a darkness has been lifted. I went out socially as I always do and I am getting admires that are noticing me. I see someone that I have eyes for and although we move in the same circles I've never noticed this person as I do now and I think the feeling is mutual (will update). I have been staying on top of my diet and exercise and really feeling my self worth. I am also wearing lighter colors and lighten up may hair a bit...nothing to drastic. I did not plan on doing this but I feel a wholes sense of love surrounding me. I use wear only black or dark colors subconsciously but I now tend to be shopping for more spring to summer hues. I know this review is a bit long but I just wanted to let ya'll know what I was going through and how I am feeling and progressing since this candle has be lit. Almost forgot to mention I'm in the mood for intimacy as of lately it's is if my sex drive was gone, as a matter of fact if someone joked around or brought of the subject of sex it would make me cringe and feel uncomfortable. I hope this review will helpful to those who may choose to use this "setting of lights". I will continue my journey and update ya'll. I have also purchase the "Love Uncrossing Kit" so look out for that update a week or so.
Date Added: 04/19/2016