Love Uncrossing Candle - Setting of Lights


Thank you Conjure Team & Mama E for your healing prayers. For many years I was unable to articulate in words the abuse and abandonment I faced during foster care and my pregnancy. I am going through a major purge of residual emotions from my past traumas. the past few days have been super emotional/rough, however, I experienced a major emotional breakthrough yesterday evening. I made peace with so many painful emotions and memories. I was able to go in depth about the abuse without blanking out or tearing up. Talking about it in a safe space, listening to prayers, and letting the pain out really allowed me to heal. I feel compelled to honor my body and love myself. Thank you Conjure Team for saving my life from the abyss of silent suffrage. Thank for your invaluable work and kindness. God bless, love y?all!
Date Added: 12/07/2021