Hot Fucker Candle - Setting of Lights


WARNING!!! This one is EXTREMELY powerful. I used this on my crush and the first time we layed (if you know what I mean) it was explosive. It was epic, we both still cannot get over the experience. It was as if we where possessed. We where saying and doing things that a new couple normally would not do. Not only did this draw us closer on a sexual level but we are now bonded by sexual energy. I also want to mention before this I was very cold and distant when it comes to intimacy, it was as though I was blocked or curse sexually. However, this setting of lights dissolved all that negative energy. Now I feel sexy and loved and I am noticing other suiters taking notice of me in a special. Although it is flattering I am sticking to the one that I am loving and who is loving me.
Date Added: 12/30/2020