Hot Foot Candle - Setting of Lights


I have got success with other setting of lights-candles too but this was something different. Worked so well i am still amazed! Years our cottage neighbours been harassing and taking away our family's time & peace at our cabin/yard. First all was well but last few years, we don't know what the hell is happening there,they are probably renting their cabin out,because it?s been filled with large stranger antisocial groups and it?s getting worse. Our place is totally unusable when that is happening and they steal every holiday time from us. I thought something MUST be done now. I was told another large very noisy group was in neighbour's cabin before we supposed to go to ours.
I ordered Hot Foot Candle a week before leaving. I was told noisy assholes left on exact day what i wrote on my petition, they just..left. Real owners, an old couple (supposed to be sweet HA!) came there later but stayed totally quiet, like normal people. They kept coming and leaving (which they usually never do) Almost like getting binded and blocked from that area. I got back today and oh boy, that was really relaxing trip to our cottage, at last!
Thank you Dr.E team, your products really got some magic:)
(if one candle does that, with many i might actually be able to get rid of them for good)
Date Added: 05/28/2020