High John the Conqueror Candle - Setting of Lights


My friend ordered this candle for me 1/6/2020 because I wanted to ask for a lower interest rate on a loan. I'd purposely missed two payments, knowing that they don't credit report until the third, so that the lender would be more inclined to approve my request.

On 1/7/2020, I received a call from my lender to find out what was going on and to get me into a lower interest rate for a few months! I didn't initiate any contact, since I was going to wait until the candle report was received to do so. My friend received an e-mail on 1/7/2020 as well to inform them that the candle was lit.

This candle definitely worked for my situation. I will be ordering it again once I do my taxes because the IRS recently informed me that I still owe money from 2015, so I will be asking for a payment plan. Although the tax code automatically approves me for a payment plan due to the amount, I am hoping that this candle will connect me to a friendly agent on the phone who won't be intimidating or aggressive. I will definitely post a review when the time comes.
Date Added: 02/17/2020