High John the Conqueror Candle - Setting of Lights


I purchased this candle when I submitted my unemployment claim hopeful that there wouldn't be any problems. My situation is a bit different in that I am still employed but have lost independent contractor work due to the shutdown. I received a pretty long candle report that discussed multiple hurdles. That's been the case. At first, I had to contact them to move my claim along in the process because it was stuck due to having W2 and 1099s. After that, my claim start date was wrong due to an error on their end, which was causing me to miss out out on about five weeks of payments. That was the biggest hurdle, which took almost two weeks to rectify. A few days ago, I was told that the change date request had been submitted and that it would take around 30 days to get any past due money. I would say that although my exact petition did not manifest as I'd hoped, my outcome is no different than many other people across the country, and that the candle report was very spot on.
Date Added: 05/18/2020