Good Job Candle - Setting of Lights


My results were mixed. As soon as my husband told me he'd gotten an interview, I requested this setting in the hopes that he would get the job. All the signs pointed to "yes," and the candle was working on his behalf. Sure enough, he was offered the position... but he immediately had doubts.

Eventually, he decided that he'd keep his current job and look into getting training for property management... but considering his hatred of change, lack of future outlook, crippling fear of the unknown, and desire for present comfort and immediate gratification rather than a possibly better future, I don't know if he'll even go through with THAT plan.

The candle works, but the target really has to WANT a new job, even if it means dealing with unknown factors. It can't change their disposition.

(It's also had the added effect of having me realize that I need to focus on helping myself from now on... which may include finding a better mate since my husband has shown no desire to grow up or improve himself in the 12+ years I've known him. I'm sorry if this is venting, but I feel that if any other poor souls are in a similar situation, they'll consider other Dr. E services to help themselves.)
Date Added: 08/15/2018