Good Job Candle - Setting of Lights


This candle is currently still burning (on 3rd day). I went to an interview today and out of a group of 10 people, only 5 would be hired. Surprisingly, I was the first to be called out of the group of people to be interviewed. I was immediately hired after the interview! Just like I asked in my petition! Today is Thursday, I start work Monday. This candle did exactly what I prayed for. And just like the descriptions for this candle says, it works very, very well with a Good Job Mojo Bag. I had my Good Job mojo bag made by the Dr. E team about 3 weeks ago (it came in the mail rather quickly, like 2 days). That mojo and this candle are an unbeatable team. I had a lot of obstacles against me today (due to majority of the people in this area working on a "good ol' boy system). I finally got the job, and this candle blocked all of the evil people that would be potential barriers to my success today. I can't thank God enough for His blessings and the Dr. E team. THANK YOU!!!
Date Added: 07/09/2015 by A. S.