Follow Me Boy Candle - Setting of Lights


I am not sure how to feel about this candle. In a nutshell, the reports state that he will spend his time and energy to be close to you, mentally and physically. I burned two candles, spaced over a period of at least a few months (to give it some time to work) and I never heard from my ex again. Maybe I started burning candles too late or he was emotionally divested before I saw the handwriting on the wall. 2.5 years after this burn, I still have not heard from him and he married someone else. As for me, I moved on and I am engaged to a man who loves me and we have a beautiful baby girl. This man moved out of his apartment, across town, and in with me to be with me. He is not afraid to speak his feelings and is getting the commitment that i am worthy of. Maybe he is the person that they are referring to and I didn't know it, but in the end, I am better off with out my ex.
Date Added: 05/28/2017