Follow Me Boy Candle - Setting of Lights


So far so Good today is 7/17/2014 and this candle was lit on 7/14/2014. I have not been able to tame and control my man. He always wants to hang out with his friends. 24 hours after this candle has been lit he is dying to to see me he has been calling me constantly. He's taking me out tomorrow and giving me funds to help out towards my household. He wanted to see me tonight but I have an early morning so I declined. I also declined because I did not want to seem too anxious. This has driven him even more crazy to see me because he just called and said he's taking me to breakfast then will pick me up after work to spend time and go out. This candle is the best I can feel him reaching out for me like a puppy to it's master. Yes, I highly recommend this candle and will definitely be lighting another one: among others to help me along the way.
Date Added: 07/17/2014