Evil BEGONE! Candle - Setting of Lights


Decided to try this to remove some bad habits and bad situations out of my life. So far so good. I've given up smoking and drinking but when I am around people that do indulge, I'd find myself unable to control these habits and need a drink and smoke too. However, since using this candle I have not desire to do neither. I also find that I am not keeping the same toxic company that I use to and I'm staying away from nay-sayers and negative company. I meditate more and is more focused on myself and bettering my life. I think this may also have reversing or justice affects. There was someone that was messing with me spiritually (I was not aware of this till recently) and after the second day of this being lit this person mysteriously fell ill. The doctors are baffled and cannot diagnose their problem. It just so happens that I got a reading for myself and while getting this reading the reader told me that a trap was set for me at my steps but it caught and went back to the person that layed it. I am now just figuring that the day it was layed was the second day of this lighting and yes...it caught the person that layed in it and not me. Till this day they are in the hospital. I with my daily prayers and the lighting of this candle helped saved me. EVIL GO AWAY & STAY AWAY!!!
Date Added: 08/10/2016