Court Case Candle - Setting of Lights


I am a part of a lawsuit and had this candle lit so that my paperwork could be processed and accepted. I received my report stating that there was a lack of clarity and an obstacle that they candle did not overcome. Within a few hours of receiving my candle report, the court was updated to the status of our paperwork. The company handling our paperwork said that they'd started looking through the paperwork in a clerical manner, but that they couldn't start accessing damages until the Judge gives them permission to begin. This let me know that I had the candle burned too early. It also confirmed that the candle report was spot on in that it wasn't a good or bad burn, but more of an informative one.

The settlement process is ongoing, so I will be ordering a court case mojo bag to keep close to me through all of this.
Date Added: 06/29/2021