Boss Fix Candle - Setting of Lights


I ordered this candle for my mom on 4/9/2020. Her last day at work was on 3/13. She had Monday off 3/16 but received a call saying that her company had decided to close down for two weeks. They haven't reopened yet and are still getting paying their employees. The reason for ordering the candle is because I wanted to keep her job secure. She was fine with being furloughed, since the company hasn't been doing that great financially for a while now, but was worried that she'd be laid off. Before lighting this candle, she had absolutely no work, so it was a blessing that they were still paying her. After lighting this candle, the people above her mailed her something to do, and another package is on its way. They created tasks for her to do to help her keep her job. Everything is still on a week-by-week basis but this candle definitely pushed her bosses and higher ranking colleagues to look out for her.
Date Added: 04/22/2020