Boss Fix Candle - Setting of Lights


I had this lit several times for a
a very abrasive, harsh , disrespectful
boss. He is very abusive verbally, shouts
and bullies his requests (demands). In the candle
report it told me he was disrespectful and slick.
It also told me that he would ease up a bit but
will still continue to bully. I got fed up with
his nonsense and had to give him my tongue.
The bit of respect I had for my job went out
the door once it came to arguing. Anyways,
it did not work out for me and at this company
and I am still grateful for the boss fix candle
this candle kept me on this job for a while
but I knew in the end it would not work
out for me. I will now move on to
a "good job" for employement. I highly recommend using these
Date Added: 07/12/2016