Boss Fix Candle - Setting of Lights


I'm previously posted that I ordered this candle to keep my mom's job secure. She is over 60 and wants to retire from her current place of employment when she's ready. The candle order on 4/9 was the Boss Fix candle that I ordered for her. Since then, she received a box of tasks to do for two weeks, and was told that another would be in the mail by tomorrow since she already finished the first tasks. I just ordered this candle for a third time because they layoffs and furloughs have started today. They are supposed to be done by Wednesday afternoon. Yes, they can still let go you even if you have a UPS shipment of tasks for you to complete in route. I recommend this candle to anyone who is still fully employed, especially anyone who doesn't have savings to last them for a few months. Do what you can to protect your job because it may not be easy to get a new job, and there are people who applied for unemployment in March who have yet to see any money because the labor departments across all states are backed up. Good luck to all!
Date Added: 05/04/2020