Blessing Candle - Setting of Lights


I have done a couple of "Uncrossing" & "Love Uncrossing" setting of lights
which did a terrific job but I felt after doing all of this cleansing and
removal, I need something to bring in my luck and blessings. So I
decided to opt for the "Blessing" setting of lights. I also have the
oil so I anointed myself daily as this was being lit. My experience
is I feel more at peace, I feel as though all will work out and have
not given up hope. My star power is magnified and I am receive
well be all. My luck has increased and my roads are open. I feel
a presence of good spirits around me and seem to separate myself
from those with stagnant energy. My health feels much better and
I notice I am meditating and praying more. Almost forgot to mention
that I use this with a "Fast Luck" candle sporadically just to boost
it a bit. So my experience is use a "Uncrossing" of any type to remove
what hinders and a "Blessing" (accompany by "Fast Luck"; if you can)
To draw in divine blessing and luck. I had several of these lit for me.
This method work for me and this is my experience and opinion, hope
this review helps those that may have over looked this "blessing"
setting of lights. Give it a works wonders.

Date Added: 07/27/2016