Black Arts Candle - Setting of Lights


This candle brought justice on a dude that had been stealing money from the place I currently work. He has been there over 20 years and hasn't been caught...before now! Well, when the guy stole money from me a couple of weeks ago...I had no idea what happened to the money. I found out from a co-worker (after the incident) that the dude was a known thief! I HATE thieves. I work hard and it wasn't fair to me or the other employees that are honest to be a victim to this no-good low life. Two weeks after my successful candle burn (which was today), I got my money back! And guess what...the supervisor told him HE had to count the money out to me and put it in my hand! I prayed that he would get caught and have to repay the money and that's EXACTLY what happened. So please be careful with this candle because if that person is guilty, they will get EXACTLY what you ask for.
Date Added: 10/15/2015