Black Arts Candle - Setting of Lights


I ordered several candles to help me make more sales at work and close new business. I‘ve been ordering a variety and some seem to be making a bit of progress but it’s slow and not helping as much as I would hope. However, those candles are helping a bit. The bigger issue is now they’ve hired a guy in the same role as me and he’s on a test period at work. If he makes sales and I don’t I’ll get fired and he’ll keep the job. He seems overly confident that he’ll be able to make sales which is a big threat to me. I ordered this candle not to harm him but to stop him from making any sales or progress at work and instead get him to leave the company. The same day I got the positive candle report he got a potential new client with a potential new project. This is not good or what I had hoped for. I’m going to give it some time and will update if I see other changes. I also just ordered a crossing candle to see if that will do the trick.
Date Added: 06/26/2020